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The Belief Switch


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Does any of this sound like you?

Do you want to know why patterns in your life keep repeating? Maybe you've found yourself in similar relationships or situations and wondered 'why is this happening AGAIN?!'

Do you have a little voice in your head telling you 'you can't' even though you probably can?

Do you find yourself saying or doing things and regretting it, knowing it's not really who you want to be?

Do you enthusiastically start a new habit, such as healthy eating or exercise, but end up slipping back into old ways?

If you can relate to any of these it's because you have subconscious limiting beliefs sabotaging you.




We can teach you how to identify YOUR specific limiting beliefs AND more importantly



Join us as we teach you how, using kinesiology muscle testing, breathwork and eye movement.

The Belief Switch

is a

2 day in-person intensive


12 week online course




Saturday 19 August- Sunday 20 August 2023

Cairns QLD

Followed by 12 weekly online modules:

Each module focuses on a different area of your life to find and switch your limiting beliefs,

and includes live group video calls with Amy & Michael, and a members only site to

connect and share, post questions, access recordings, and receive support.

You are going to learn:


  • All about the subconscious; why we have it, how it works, and how it affects your day to day reality.

  • What kinesiology muscle testing is and how it works. PLUS Five ways to muscle test on yourself

  • How to determine your limiting beliefs (and you'll be surprised about some of the crazy limiting programming you're carrying around with you)

  • The 4P’s of writing new, empowering beliefs that switch off the old ones

  • The Belief Switch  three stage technique to program new, empowering subconscious beliefs

  • How to Drill Down into blocks to uncover and remove hidden sabotages (sabotages suck, and we all have them, so you need to know how to find them and pull them out!)


  • You'll then get Amy and Michael mentoring you through switching your limiting beliefs in all the key areas of your life

  • You'll have an awesome group of people to be a part of and support each other too

  • AND you'll be set up with the confidence and experience to keep using this amazing technique for yourself for as long as you need

Many people talk about subconscious limiting beliefs, and that's important because your subconscious autopilot runs your life!

But talking about it doesn't change it.

Switch off your subconscious sabotages, take control of your autopilot,

and create the life you want!

We are going to help you find and switch out your limiting beliefs in all the key areas of your life including:

Self-worth and confidence

Money and abundance

Love, sex and relationships

Life's purpose and success

Family dynamics and parenting

Personal Power

Decision making and intuition

Work and career

Physical health and well-being

and more!

What's Included:

Two day in-person intensive at the Cairns Colonial Club

Fully catered with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

The Belief Switch workbook 

The Belief Switch Big Book of Beliefs

12 live, weekly, group video calls with Amy and Michael

Members only online space to access all online materials

Hosted, online chat group to connect and share with the other awesome participants

Certificate in The Belief Switch - hard copy mailed to you on completion


A bonus masterclass in using muscle testing to test which foods and supplements are right for your body.

We've all heard it, and it's true.


But how do you change what you believe?


It's so much more than just thinking it. Thinking comes from the head.

We all think lots of crazy thoughts every day - but they don't all come

true do they?


So what's a belief?


Beliefs are the programs that run your subconscious.


Like the iceberg, your subconscious is the much bigger aspect of your mind, hidden below the surface. Your beliefs determine the way you perceive yourself and the world. Indeed, your beliefs determine your experience of life, and chances are you're not consciously aware of the majority of programs that are running you.


It's your beliefs about your self-worth that cause you to make choices that see you be successful, or choices that continually sabotage you. Your beliefs determine your relationships and interactions with other people. Your beliefs determine your relationship with yourself. 


Belief's are much deeper, much stronger, and far more powerful than any thoughts (which is why just using positive thinking doesn't get you very far), but they can be changed. 


The Belief Switch teaches you to program your subconscious to believe exactly what YOU want it to, using kinesiology muscle testing, breathwork and eye movement. The Belief Switch program is intensive and designed to catapult you toward change and success in all areas of your life, because when you change your beliefs, you change everything.


So what do you want to switch on in your life? 

What you believe,
You can achieve

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Amy & Michael Harrison


Together we have more than 40 years combined experience in exploring consciousness and personal development. 


Our passion is to teach you what we know. We want for every person to understand the nature of their subconscious. For every person to know about limiting beliefs, how they're formed and how they limit your life every day. For every person to understand the power and potential of kinesiology muscle testing. And we want for you to be able to take that information and put yourself in control of it. To know how to identify a limiting belief, and how to switch it for an empowering belief. For you to have a quick and easy tool you can use to program your subconscious to believe exactly what YOU want it to. 


That is why we developed The Belief Switch™. 


Sunset Horizon

Here's what others had to say about The Belief Switch:

"This is a truly transformational course. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Amy & Michael for sharing this incredible, life changing tool. I firmly belief The Belief Switch will enhance the life of anyone who chooses to learn it and incorporate it into their lives. So if you feel drawn to it I'd highly recommend signing up! Thank you Amy & Michael and the other wonderful people I was blessed to share this experience with, what an honour to work with you all." - Kellie K.
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The Belief Switch

12 Weeks PLUS 2 day intensive

Take control of your autopilot now

16 Spots



Got questions? Reach out to either of us on the details below:



ph        0402 759 726





ph        0419 665 681


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Want to experience The Belief Switch for yourself? Make an appointment to have a 1:1 session with either Amy or Michael, in person or online via Zoom, through our clinic website

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